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5695 Four-way Relay (+5v)
5696 Four-way Relay (+12v)
5696-24 Four-way Relay (+24v)


5695/6 Four-way Relay

  The board consists of four PO47 type 2 pole c/o relays with each contact of all four relays brought out to screw terminals at the edge of the board. Provision is also made on the board for mounting resistors across certain contacts for termination purposes.
  The relays are driven by a transistor buffer and only require logic level signals to operate. A "high" logic 1 to operate, but by changing the position of a resistor, as marked on the board, a "low" logic 0 can be used to activate the relay.
  NOTE: The boards are usually supplied with logic 0 (gnd) to operate. The input is internally tied up to prevent unwanted operation. For 5v logic operation with 12v or 24v relays, a zenor and resistor must be fitted as directed.
  The four drive lines and power input are also brought out onto a terminal strip.
Stock no. 01-185 5695 Price: 42
Stock no. 01-190 5696 Price: 42
Stock no. 01-195 5696-24 Price: 42

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