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4071 Microphone Amplifier
4072 Line Amplifier


4071 Single Microphone Amplifier

  A single PCB containing low noise microphone amplifier with adjustable preset gain (20 - 70dB). High input impedance and low output impedance, low input impedance is achieved with a Lundahl LL1528 pcb mount transformer fitted to the board.
Opto-coupled FETs (H11F1) are also an option on the board providing post-transformer muting where this is required. By muting the signal in this manner there is no danger of the input stage overloading, even when faded down, possibly therefore causing breakthrough.
Stock no. 01-115
4071 Price: 27
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 41 x 112 x 25 mm (inc txfs)
  Supply +/- 12v DC @ 12mA
  Response 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1dB

Noise Total noise -122dB ref. input
-52dB unweighted
-47dB weighted


4072 Line Amplifier

  A single PCB with adjustable gain between 0 and 20 dB. The input is electronically balanced, typically 50k ohm input impedance, fully protected against line transients and DC offsets.
The common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) is adjustable but comes preset better than -70dB and should not normally require adjustment.
The board output is low impedance, peak output being +18dB on a dual 12v supply rail.

Stock no. 01-120 4072 Price: 27
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 41 x 112 x 15 mm
  Supply +/- 12v DC @ 20mA
  Response 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB

Noise -92dB unweighted -87dB weighted


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