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5671 Pro Interface MKII
5690 Keyboard Encoder


    5671 Pro Interface MKII


An extended Eurocard (220mm x 100mm) with an extension at the audio transformer end of the pcb for Neutric PCB mounting XLR connectors to be fitted. This section may be cut off if not required.
This board offers an easy method of interfacing unbalanced stereo audio equipment for professional use at low cost yet retaining high performance.
The MKII board has the following features:
* electronically balanced Inputs and Outputs
* provision for mounting of Lundahl transformers
* 20dB output gain available
* active input stages with attenuation if required
* built in 240v AC psu
* unbalanced connections on 10 way IDC header (as MKI)
* balanced connections on 16 way header (as MKI) plus XLR's


Stock no. 01-175 5671 Price: 98
5690 Keyboard Encoder/Driver

  A PCB containing a 16 key encoding IC (74C922 with a latch/decoder (4514) and Darlington Driver (ULN2803) for each of the 16 lines. Either a keypad or individual switches can be used as inputs.
  The output lines have two routes, one via a resistor network package for LED driving, the other direct for driving lamps, relays etc. Provision is also made for inserting diodes in the output lines if required.
  The circuitry can be powered from +5v to +12v DC as required thus making it suitable for interfacing to other boards and equipment. If a higher input voltage is required then the PCB is laid out to take a regulator IC. All connections are via IDC connectors to allow easy connection for servicing.
Stock no.01-180 5690 Price: 42
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 100 x 90 x 15
  Supply 5v - 12v DC (greater if on-board regulator is fitted)
Current dependant on load


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