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4073 Line Drive Amplifier
4075 Monitor Amplifier

4073 Line Drive Amplifier

  A single PCB laid out for two line drive amplifiers, in the case of the 4073 only one side is fitted. PCB is laid out to take a Lundahl 5402 Line Output transformer thus provinding a balanced floating output if required. A 75 ohm output is available before the transformer. The nominal gain of the amplifier is 10dB to provide unity gain when the transformer is fitted and the output terminated. The gain may be adjusted, if required, by altering the feedback resistor (R3). Typically 56k for 20dB gain. (27k fitted as supplied) Mixing resistors (R2a, b, c & d) may be fitted enabling ukp to 4 inputs to be mixed in the amplifier. We would, however, recommend the use of the 4078 Mix amp if very low noise mixing is required. The output of the 4078 could then be fed into the 4073.
Stock no. 01-125 4073 Price: 27
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 88 x 112 x 25mm (inc 5402 txf)
  Supply +/- 12v DC @ 20mA
  Response 25Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5dB inc txf


-92dB weighted


+20dB output at 80Hz 0.09%

    +20dB output at 1kHz 0.04%


4075 Monitor Amplifier & PSU Eurocard Style

The 4075 differs from the 4175 only in that the balanced input buffers are omitted.
The PSU provides regulated outputs of +/-12v DC at a nominal 750mA per rail and further provides the Power Amp with unregulated DC as the TDA2030 has built in regulation. The board comes fitted with a DIN41612 edge connector (type B).
The 12/0/12 ac voltage should be fed via the DIN41612 Connector,
(pin 28 ct, Pin 30 12v ac, Pin 32 12v ac)
The mains transformer can be mounted on the board, if required.

Stock no. 01-130 4075 Price: 53
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions Standard Eurocard 160mm x 100mm x 40mm
fitted with DIN41612 type B plug (32/64).


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