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4175 Monitor Amplifier with Buffers
4840 Headphone Amplifier


4175 Monitor Amplifier with Buffers
  In the case of the 4175, the board consists of two balanced IN & OUT buffer amps totally independent of the Power Amplifier.
The PSU provides regulated outputs of +/-12v DC at a nominal 750mA per rail and further provides the Power Amp with unregulated DC as the TDA2030 has built in regulation. The board comes fitted with a DIN41612 edge connector (type B).
The 12/0/12 ac voltage should be fed via the DIN41612 Connector, (pin 28 ct, Pin 30 12v ac, Pin 32 12v ac)
The mains transformer can be mounted on the board, if required.

Stock no. 01-165 4175 Price: 63
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions Standard Eurocard 160mm x 100mm x 40mm
fitted with DIN41612 type B plug (32/64).


4840 Headphone Amplifier (4 x Line I/p, 8 x Line Drive)
  Although called a Headphone System the board has a number of applications.
Four balanced Line Inputs are provided as well as eight Line Drivers (unbalanced, although they could be balanced by the addition of off-board transformers).
All amplifiers are independent allowing the user to define his own application. Gain is provided (+26dB) in the Line Drivers so a fader can be inserted between Input amp and Output drive.
The outputs are low impedance but we advise against the use of very low impedance headphones at high levels, the 4075/4175 Monitor amplifier is better suited to this kind of application

Stock no. 01-170 4840 Price: 95
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 165x134x15 (mm)
  Supply +/-12 to +/-15v DC at 50mA (off load) 250mA (on load)
  Response 40Hz -Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0,5dB max


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