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4032 Mic Mixer with txf inputs & Limiter - 2 channel
4034 Mic Mixer with txf inputs & Limiter - 4 channel


Mic Mixer with txf inputs & Limiter
  Two versions of this board are available, the 4032 having only two microphone amps fitted, the 4034 having all four. The PCB contains up to four separate Microphone amplifiers each with its own input transformer and cermet preset making the gain adjustable between 20 - 60 dB. The output of each channel is then made available for a fader to be inserted before mixing. The channels are mixed at high level into a Limiter with adjustable threshold and LED indication.The Limiter output is then fed to a Line Amplifier, a second uncommitted Line Amplifier is also on the board for use as a Headphone amplifier. Microphone input transformers are fitted but a separate output transformer is necessary if a balanced output is required. The Microphone input transformers provide for the use of low impedance microphones with long leads if required.
Stock no. 01-105 4032 Price: 99
Stock no. 01-110 4034 Price: 129
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 190 x 112 x 30 mm (inc. Txfs)
  Supply 24v DC at 70mA (can be 3 x 9v cells if required)
  Response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5dB max


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