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4076 Dual Regulated PSU Card
4078 Mixer Amplifier

4076 Dual Regulated PSU Card


A nominal 500mA per rail dual PSU excluding Mains Txf. Suitable for driving a number of Lynden audio cards using an external torroidal transformer, 12-0-12 30VA suggested. The Lynden 4075/4175 provides an alternative Dual Rail PSU o a standard Eurocard format with integral 12W Power Amplifer and optional buffers. This board has the provision for mounting a torroidal mains transformer on the PCB.
The board output is low impedance, peak output being +18dB on a dual 12v supply rail.

Stock no. 01-135 4076 Price: 25

4078 Mixer Amplifier - Low Noise Mixing Amp


1 - 10 input mixing amplifier for interstage mixing where noise is a major consideration. The gain can be altered by reducing or increasing the value of the feedback resistors R7 and R8.

Low noise is achieved by the use of selected low noise op-amps NE5534AN and it is essential that if replaced, a similar low noise device is used to maintain the performance of the circuit.

Stock no. 01-140 4078 Price: 17
Technical Specifications
  Dimensions 25 x 112 x 15 mm
  Supply +/- 12v DC @ 10mA
  Response 40Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.4dB inc.txf




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