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  7014 Infra-red Booster (Receiver)


An Infra Red receiver working on 38kHz nominal carrier that is intended for boosting or relaying infra red transmitter codes.
The board is made such that it can mounted on the rear of a pattress (Lynden 7019) for using with standard electrical wall or surface boxes.
The board does not actually decode the signal but simply reclocks it and then provides an open drain output to drive remote emitters.
Thus the receiver could be mounted in one area and the emitter (7016) in another area for controlling, for example, a remote VCR. Most recent remote control systems (using a 36-38kHz carrier) will work satisfactorily.
Multiple receivers can be used, the open drain outputs of each receiver feeding into one common emitter unit, but care should be taken to ensure that only one receiver is activated by the remote controller, otherwise the code could become scrambled.
When used in this manner the +ve power feed should be from only one receiver as the current limiting resistor is on the receiver board.
The emitter pcb carries only the Infra Red emitter diodes, the use of this pcb is not always necessary and the Infra Red emitting diodes can be mounted as required. It is always advisable however to use an Infra-Red filter material to ensure reliable transmission.

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