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5950 Processor Card
7002 Infra-red Receiver - Patress


  5950 Processor Card
The Lynden 5950 Processor Board is a "stand alone" single board processor. It is laid out on a standard Eurocard with 64/64 DIN41612 indirect edge connector. The board is sometimes wired with a flying lead and a Molex power connector thereby avoiding the use of the DIN connector. The board requires a nominal 10v at approx 400mA (all relays on). Note that most of the ICs are CMOS so without relays the current requirements are <100mA. The 10v id regulated on-board to +5v for the logic circuitry. It can also be used without the on-board regulator and an external source of regulated +5v.
At its heart is a Mitsubishi M37451 processor. This processor was chosen because of its compatability with the Rockwell 6500 series of processors and peripherals and its multiple I/O capability.
Stock no. 07-110 5950 Price: £169

7002 Infra-red Receiver - Patress

An Infra Red receiver and decoder with Philips RC5 decoder fitted to give a binary output for "system 0" codes as defined by Philips. The decoder IC is capableof decoding all RC5 "system" adresses although the tracking would need to be cut to enable further system addresses.
This gives access to the most commonly used functions on remote controls (RC5 type). Though the outputs are binary coded, by careful choice of transmitter buttons, 6 discrete outputs are easily obtainable. Using the outputs as coded binary up to 64 combinations are available.
Very economical "easy" control units are available that can easily be modified to remove unwanted buttons. (eg Lyndon 7020)
An LED indicator confirms reception of a valid code.
The outputs are open drain MOS-FETs capable of sinking upto 100mA each. The output is only valid for the duration of the onboard output timer (set to 1 sec as supplied) or for as long as a transmission code is being received. IF required the timer can be straped out and the outputs will remain latched each time, until a new code is received.
The PCB can be mounted onto the rear of a standard wall patress ( 7019) for mounting into an electrical surface or plaster box. An Infra Red filter is mounted on the frount of the patress to ensure reliable operation.
The PCB is powered from a nominal 12v with an onboard regulator. The connections are via plug in terminal strip for easy installation.
Stock no. 07-165 7002 Price: £57.50


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