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  5915 Stereo Tone Generator Card


A standard (160 x 100mm) Eurocard containing an Audio oscillator and gating to produce standard ITV/ILR Stereo Tone Ident (5915a) or BBC Stereo Tone Ident (5915b).

  The board is assembled as either an ITV or BBC unit and must be ordered accordingly.
  The circuitry features a zero crossing switch for the tone pulsing. Two changover relays are also provided that can be switched remotely to insert the tone generator into circuit, these relays fail safe to a straight through condition, in case of power failure or when the control signal is released. There is also power failure detect circuitry on the board which gives out an auxiliary relay closure in case of any power rail failure. This is particularly useful in alarm systems.
  The actual oscillator frequency is preset to either 900Hz (version b) or 1kHz ( version a). The gating can be switched out if required to give a steady tone.
Stock no. 02-110 5915a Price: £120
Stock no. 02-111 5915b Price: £120


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